Kuakata Tours: – 2 nights 1 day

৳ 3,200.00

2 Days 1 Night
Micro Bus
Group size:

Minimum required 20 person


Special offer


First day:

  • At 4 pm, everyone will gather in front of Khulna Hadis Park.
  • The purpose of Kuakata will be departed in the micro bus at 7pm.
  • Dinner will be served in the microbus at 5pm.

Second Day:

  • The micro bus will reach Kuakata around 8am or 5am.
  • The hotel will spend some time relaxing and freshening in the morning to see the sunset.
  • Breakfast will be served at the hotel at 9am.
  • After breakfast everyone will bathe in the sea and rejoice.
  • Lunch will be held at the hotel at noon.
  • Then you can wander around and watch the sunset in the evening till evening.
  • Dinner will be held at the hotel at 7pm.
  • The purpose of opening from Kuakata will leave at 9pm.

Third Day:

  • The micro bus will reach Khulna at 6am.

Dinner First Day:

  • Biriyani 1/2 + water

Breakfast Second Day:

  • Bread + egg + fry + water

Lunch Second Day:

  • Vetch fish / marine fish + shrimp + rice + meat + water

Dinner Second Day:

  • Rice + fish + fry + meat + water



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